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Download your copy today!

 This quiz includes:

  • A customizable contact info section
  • Directions for your leads to complete
  • A scoring guide - for you
  • Deepened insights into your leads neighborhood preferences
  1. Download the quiz
  2. Customize the "Contact Info" and "Company Logo"
  3. sectionneighborhoodquiz_sneakpeak.png
  4. Go to save and don't forget to rename your file 
Pro Tip: 
Want to really wow your contacts? Add the download to your website (with a lead gate to capture new real estate leads) and promote on your social channels or through email campaigns. 

Sneak Peak:

Bob Testimonial
"Zurple is different. Because of their built-in behavioral marketing automation, the system doesn't just manage leads, it develops relationships."
-Bob M., Zurple Customer & Driven Real Estate Agent