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Capture, Prepare & Help Buyer/Seller Leads Succeed at Real Estate!

Fill out the form to download 9 checklist templates:


Use the 9 Homebuyer and Seller Checklist templates to...

  1. Attract and capture homebuyer/seller leads on your website, social media, and email as they research content/tools to help them succeed with their real estate process.

  2. Help buyers and sellers stay organized by keeping track of each step of their process and tasks needed to achieve their real estate goals.

  3. Ensure you and your real estate clients understand your plan and are on the same page until completion. 

  4. Includes: Homebuyer, Home Seller, House Hunting, Prepare Your Home for Market, Open House Questionnaire, Showings Preparation, Mortgage Pre-approval, Move Out, and Move In Checklist Templates.